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About Us

Improving equitable care for all patients with sleep disordered breathing through collaboration, research, education, advocacy, and innovation.


The International Surgical Sleep Society has the following vision: 


  1. To educate its members and future generations in the most current and relevant treatment of sleep disorders.

  2. To educate the public on sleep disorders and their management options.

  3. To promote collaboration and facilitate research on the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

  4. To educate other medical and surgical specialties about medical and surgical treatment of sleep disorders.

  5. To advocate for accessible and equitable care for all patients with sleep disorders (alt:  sleep disordered breathing).

  6. To advocate for physicians and healthcare professionals specializing in the treatment of sleep disordered breathing, recognizing the essential role they play in diagnosis and treatment of this disorder.

  7. To champion innovation to advance scientific knowledge, encourage development of novel solutions and facilitate translation of these ideas to optimize patient care. 

The ISSS in Numbers

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