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Our History
Why We Formed

ISSS was formed to build an international community that would collaborate, expand and advance the field of surgery for obstructive sleep apnoea.  

Founding Board Members

Tucker-Woodson_PastPresident and board member at large.jpg

B. Tucker Woodson MD


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Kent Moore DDS MD

Vice President
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

SamMickelson emeritus board member.jpg

Samuel A. Mickelson MD

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

ISSS Logo Explained

Logo no background

Our logo is based on the story of Odysseus and Polyphemus from Homer's Legend. Read more here:

Founding Members

Mark T. Agrama MD - Jupiter, Florida, USA

Gerald Bart MD - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Jason R. Boole MD - Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA

Nicolas Bu-Saba MD - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Michel B. Cahali MD - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mark D’Agostino MD - New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Nico de Vries MD - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Luis Encarnacion MD - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Brian K. Flowers MD - York, Pennsylvania, USA

Andrew N. Goldberg MD MSCE - San Francisco, California, USA

Evert P. Hamans MD - Antwerp, Belgium, Europe

Marty Hopp MD PhD - Los Angeles, California, USA

Pon Poh Hsu MD - Singapore

Tod C. Huntley MD - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Ofer Jacobowitz MD - Middletown, New York, USA

Eric J. Kezirian MD MPH - Los Angeles, California, USA

Christopher G. Larsen MD - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Fred Anthony McLeod MD - Alexander City, Alabama, USA

Peter Michaelson MD - Dayton, Ohio, USA

Seichi Nakata MD PhD - Tokyo, Japan

Kenny Peter Pang MD - Singapore

Jose Antonio Pinto MD - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Gideon Radushkevitz - Tel Aviv, Israel

Mark Reinke MD - Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

Sam Robinson MD - Adelaide, Australia

Brian Rotenberg MD MPH - London, Ontario, Canada

Mary Lou Sabino DDS - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Keith Andrew Sale MD - Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Steven Sewall DDS - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Mas Takashima MD - Houston, Texas, USA

Douglas K. Trask MD PhD - Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Regina Paloyan Walker MD - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Pell Ann Wardrop MD - Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Edward M. Weaver MD MPH - Seattle, Washington, USA

Alfred G. Windham MD - Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA

Thank you for your support.

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