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Lateral Pharyngoplasty

Lateral pharyngoplasty, also called expansion sphincteroplasty, is a variation of the traditional procedure called uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP). This procedure is often done in patients who have narrowing of the throat or webbing of the posterior arch of the palate. If the tonsils are present they are removed at the time of the procedure. Excessive tissue that forms the web is then reconfigured to expand the back of the throat. If the uvula is present it is removed or re-shaped.

Post Operative Expectations:

  • Recovery requires approximately two to four weeks. Patients can usually return to work in two to three weeks.

  • Many patients experience pain that radiates into the ear and stiffness of the jaw associated with chewing.

  • There can be an alteration in taste that may last for months.

  • Post-operative pain medications include liquid Roxicet and Lortab elixir. A topical viscous Lidocaine gel is used for pain control. To prevent thrush or a yeast infection, Nystatin swish and swallow is given. Patients are also prescribed Prednisone to help with any swelling.

This procedure is often done in conjunction with tongue base surgery. Nasal surgery, if it is performed, is usually done at the time of the sleep endoscopy.

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